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Who is CBD for?

CBD, cannabidiol, has many benefits, but who is it really for? From athletes to people with chronic illness and everyone in between, CBD can be helpful for almost everyone.

This non-psychoactive extract from cannabis may seem like a new extension to modern medicine, but it’s been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and doctors have been prescribing CBD medications to patients in Australia for longer than you might expect.

With government grants funding clinical trials, research continues to identify that CBD is safe for the majority of people and can be an effective medication for a variety of patients.

So who is CBD for?

People feeling stressed

CBD is well known for its calming and mood stabilising properties, so it can be highly useful for people struggling with stress, anxiety or depression.

Vaporising sprays and sublingual solutions can help CBD impact the brain receptors that affect mental health by increasing levels of anandamide, the hormone that boosts mood. This can also help reduce nervousness before stress-inducing events, like a sporting competition for athletes, or public speaking tasks for people that struggle with social anxiety.

Poor sleepers

It can also help people whose anxiety prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep. Both stress and pain are often the root causes of insomnia. CBD’s pain-relieving and anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) properties can improve sleep quality—both falling asleep and staying asleep.

In turn, sleeping well can also reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, improve overall mental health and help the body repair itself physically.


More and more research suggests that CBD can help with muscle pain and repair, making it a viable option for improving athletic performance across a wide range of sports.

When massaged into sore muscles, CBD can target pain in localised areas and provide fast relief. This can be especially effective when it’s formulated into creams or salves with other anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients (such as magnesium) like Isospec’s CBD topical products.

CBD’s effect on sleep quality can also improve muscle recovery, since most tissue repair occurs during sleep.

Athletic recovery
The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can not only help alleviate muscle soreness and pain, but also help your body recover faster after exercise.

Most muscle repair happens during sleep. Improving sleep quality with CBD can help lower cortisol levels that often cause muscles to break down, and produce the hormones responsible for building and repairing muscle fibres.

Those seeking alternative medicines

When mainstream medications don’t work, many people turn to CBD. It offers a natural alternative that has minimal side effects, especially when compared against other modern medicines on the market.

In some cases, CBD has been more effective than anything else available for epileptic seizures, inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain.

Research continues to fill out the profile of CBD—it’s uses and who it’s for. CBD could be the treatment for you. Consult your doctor and learn more about Isospec CBD products.