Our commitment is to only compound vaccines validated through decades of peer-reviewed, unsponsored and scientifically-supported efficacy.

Backed by research, supported by outcomes.

We only use bulk allergen extracts in compounding which have been standardised for decades by the FDA and Health Canada. Their efficacy and positive patient outcomes have been supported by numerous peer-reviewed research, clinical studies and published papers.

Customised solutions for every patient

We compound our immunotherapy treatment sets on a custom basis for each patient, according to the specific mix of allergens prescribed by their Allergist. Each treatment set is accompanied by a customised, recommended dosage schedule designed by our Medical Director.

Confidence, efficiency and transparency

Gamma Allergy is the only provider of immunotherapy to facilitate online ordering, payment and tracking of patient prescriptions. This allows practice managers to forward plan patient appointments by providing total transparency on where prescriptions are during the compounding process.

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