Gamma Biomedical entered into a joint venture with Isospec Health in 2018. Isospec is a vertically integrated hemp company based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.  At Isospec our sole focus is on hemp and CBD. 

Farming & Manufacturing

We grow our hemp ourselves here in South Florida at our Isospec farm.  After outgrowing the capacity of our Isospec farm we partnered with small farms in North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado and Pennsylvania to ensure a steady supply of premium hemp. Bottom line…we only use the best hemp we can find that is cultivated using organic farming practices.

After years spent perfecting our farming practices it was essential that premium manufacturing and quality controls were maintained to the next steps of plant processing and product manufacturing. 

Research & Development

Isospec partnered with world renowned trainer and sport scientist Mike Barwis, and his team at Barwis Methods.

Mike Barwis is the founder and CEO of the BARWIS family of companies, including the BARWIS Performance Centers. Mike is currently the Senior Advisor of Strength and Conditioning to the New York Mets (MLB) and is the Director of Sports Science and Human Performance for the Detroit Red Wings (NHL); he was a former consultant for the Miami Dolphins (NFL). Beyond these specific team roles he trains professional athletes in every major sports code in the United States as well as former UFC champions, and Olympic athletes from numerous countries and events.

Beyond the performance and rehab of elite athletes, the other side of Mike’s work is with neuro re-engineering patients. To date Mike and the team at Barwis Methods have worked with people who have neurological disorders or have suffered spinal injuries and were once unable to walk or suffer with other neuro-muscular challenges. 

Accessing Isospec

In Australia, plant based medicine is a scheduled medicine and can only be prescribed to treat specific medical indications.

If you are a physician or patient looking for more information on plant based medicine please visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration site.

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