Gamma Biomedical entered a partnership with Pharmacol in 2022 to create Sol to connect South America to Australia for the very first time.


Pharmacol is based in Colombia, with a production complex in Finca la Esmeralda, in the Tayrona National Natural Park region between the Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta. This area is recognized for its unique biodiversity, water springs, and ancestral connection to the Kogui tradition.

Finca la Esmeralda contains more than 10,000m2 of protected area with native species such as the White-headed Marmoset, Howler Monkeys, Anteaters, Armadillos, birds and butterflies. One of the four rivers that originate in the Sierra Nevada, the Piedras River, flows through the perimeter of La Esmeralda. Water is pumped from the river and through our all-natural water processing system, before it is fed through to the crops via an automated irrigation system.  

The crops are fed all-natural fertilizer, made on site, from plant material collected from the surrounding rainforest. The flow of filtered river water and organic farm-made fertilizer is continuously tracked to ensure optimal plant health and crop consistency.


Pharmacol has 14 strains registered in the National Registry of Cultivars, endorsed by the Colombian Agricultural Institute. This registration is supported worldwide by the legal crop quota regime of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), which is the independent body of experts established by the 1961 Single Convention.

Our production system is built from a team of experienced professionals, quality stabilized genetics and infrastructure with automated greenhouse and outdoor systems. All our cultivars are BPA-ICA, and CUMCS GACP certified.  Additional EU GMP inspection and certification is also under way and expected to be complete in early 2023.

Accessing SOL

In Australia, plant based medicine is a controlled substance and can only be prescribed to treat specific medical indications.

If you are a physician or patient looking for more information on plant based medicine please visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration site.

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