About us

Gamma Biomedical

Gamma Biomedical is a multinational healthcare company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Queensland, Australia.  Our primary goal as an organization is to provide niche pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers and their patients. To achieve this we work with industry leaders and innovators locally and abroad to deliver only the highest quality products, accompanied by unparalleled service.

Broad Capabilities

Gamma Biomedical holds a variety of medical wholesale licenses that cover the broad gamut of scheduled medicines in Australia. We have extensive, multi-year, experience with international health regulations and logistics, ensuring legal compliance and smooth supply chains.

Confidence through Innovation

Combining technology with advances in health information science, has been a major driver for growth . In addition to our extensive product research and development, we also provide healthcare professionals with online portals, allowing for efficiency, transparency and confidence across the ordering process.

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